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Grim is a halloween theme town from nightmare before christmasI was originally going to make my mayor a boy but have decided to make a girl version of the mayor. the town is still a work in progress but here’s what I have so far. I’m still missing pieces like the gold set for my mummy’s room and well i’m not completely satisfied with the outside landscape but i’ll update when things change. the photos are dark but in dream they look a ton better. :) i made most of the villager costumes like dr. finkelsten, the clown with a tear-away-face, the vamp doll and the female swamp creature. all others like jack, sally, the mayor, and wolfman’s outifts i have found on

Halloween decorating at it’s finest! :)
Anonymous asked: Oh luna, You Are as Beautiful and as Majestic as the Stars Above.

teehee! thank you darling, i try. :3